Vote 4 Rich
Vote 4 Rich
 for Heath City Council Place 6

Rich Krause
Richard H Krause
 Announces Run For Election To 
Heath City Council

Rich Krause

Heath Mayor Pro Tem, Rich Krause, community leader and 24-year Heath resident, has officially filed for Re-Election to Heath City Councilman, Place 6.


Krause, a seasoned defense contracting employee at L3 with over 29 years of experience in the field, currently serves as Mayor Pro Tem on Heath City Council and looks forward to continuing his service to the citizens of Heath.


“I hired on at E-Systems Greenville (Now L3) in 1990. My 29+ years of defense contracting in Program, Material, Subcontracts and Quality Management give me a unique perspective on the various stakeholders and processes related to operations. I believe experienced and conservative business practice is essential in operating our growing city.”


Krause has a significant and commendable record of volunteer involvement in our city and county since 1999 having served in many leadership roles and organizations including: Heath Mayor Pro Tem, Heath Park Board, Heath Board of Adjustments and Heath Comprehensive Plan Committee, Chairman of Rockwall County Republican Party Precinct 2C, Leadership Rockwall Class of 2015 renovating the Meals On Wheels facility, 2006/2007 Rockwall ISD Bond Election Steering Committee, Chairperson of 2010 Census Committee, County of Rockwall Grand Jury, Rockwall County Republican Men’s Club and Antigua Bay Home and Property Owners Association.


“My goal as a City Councilman is to continue serving current Heath citizens as their needs and concerns are my #1 priority for our growing city. I support high quality, low-density development, and until the latest term, was the minority vote in opposition to developments that are not consistent with our comprehensive plan."


Krause, a strong believer and advocate for continuous education and professional development, possesses an AAS in Business Management, a BS in Human Relations and Business Management and MBA in Strategic Leadership.  


Additionally, Krause has enhanced his work experience and impressive community service with over 100 hours of company training and 60 hours of municipal training with the Texas Municipal League. This level of commitment is rare.


"Only 62 among all TX Municipal Government Employees and Volunteers graduated with me from the Texas Municipal League Leadership Academy Class of 2014. There is no day job that can teach and train the unique skills required for excellence in community service.”


As a 24-year resident from when Heath had 2K people, Krause shares that he has seen the good, bad and ugly in our growth. The city staff depends on the council for guidance, sound principle, policy and practices to maintain and grow our city. Krause is adamant that we conduct business with transparency and integrity to the greatest benefit to Heath Citizens. He has no direct or indirect conflict of interest.


“My income has always come from defense contracting in reconnaissance and anti-terrorism; my profession is conducted outside of Rockwall County, which presents no conflict of interests or self serving agendas that might in any way compromise my ability to serve as a municipal public servant and provide fair and unbiased representation for my constituents."


Rich is intensely passionate and committed to City of Heath. He is a recent widower, having been married to Heather Krause as a dedicated and loving husband for 34 years. Krause and his late wife have two children that grew up in Heath, and five grandchildren. As well, Krause's father is also a Heath resident.


“I may not have been in Heath 4 generations, but I have moved 4 generations to Heath!”


Krause's accomplishments on Heath City Council include the following:

* Helped re-write, approve and implement the new comprehensive plan and associated ordinances.

* Helped to champion the return of the citizen’s vision of Develop that enhances and maintains the rural feel of Heath.

*Served On both Council and Park Board championing the much-needed update to developer’s fee in lieu of Park Land from only $1k per lot to now include not just land but the park improvements.

(The new emphasis is to have developers build parks and trails, not just pay a fraction of the land value with no additional amenities. Also consistently imposing impact, fees, and right of way for parks and trails at final platting. Developments have “slid by“ without doing their part.)

*Worked as Park Board and Council member to create the new Master Park and Trail Plan.

*Supported and fought for low-density high quality development (with the knowledge and experience to see the pitfalls in Planned Developments and Developers Agreements that do not support the citizen’s vision of Heath.)

*Participated in the City’s health insurance and waste management negotiations that reduced cost to Heath taxpayers.

*Helped to initiate additional fees for those requesting after the fact variances or conditional use permits consuming city staff time and resources.


*Improved reporting process creating detail and clarity in reporting from Heath departments and in construction/service request for proposals, proposal evaluations and contracts with increased competition.


*Recruited and mentored the local contractor who installed Heath’s beautiful new street signs, well within cost and schedule, after the city received multiple no bids for the project.


*Assisted in recruiting and fostering several extremely talented members of the Council, EDC, P&Z, Special Events and Board of Adjustments.


*Helped to improve the processes and agreements related to developments for more transparency, accuracy and prevention of loopholes not advantageous to citizens.


*Championed and helped to end "after the fact change orders" on city contracts - essentially creating blank checks.


*Provided staff thorough detailed reviews of board and council packages with questions and comprehensive ideas for enhancement, prior to council meetings. (Advance notice gives staff time to address his questions and concerns vs playing “stump the chimp” in meetings.)


Krause anticipation of future challenges include:

Operating our growing city on a balanced budget while providing excellent service and retaining our talented staff.


Completing street and infrastructure improvements while the city adds over 2600 new residential lots and unprecedented commercial development.


Keeping the city and developers focused on the vision of Heath, consistently implementing the latest Comprehensive Plan, new Master Park and Trail Plan and associated ordinances.


The General Election for Heath City Council is scheduled for May 4, 2019.



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