Vote 4 Rich
Vote 4 Rich
 for Heath City Council Place 6

Rich Krause

Q&A on Facebook with Vicki Krause Hoarty



Dear, Mr. Krause. (I would like to clarify, Richard Krause are not related.) Would you consider answering a couple of questions concerning your run for Heath City Council? 


I'm glad to answer any questions that make Heath Citizens comfortable with re-electing me to Heath City Council Place 6.

I confirm we are not related, but share a very cool name! 


1. Are you associated or work for or with any developers in Texas? 


I am not related, associated, work for or with any developers anywhere including Texas.


2. Are you a developer yourself? 


I am not a developer, have never been and never plan to become one.


3. Are you a realtor, associated with any real estate companies, or own a real estate company? 


I am not a realtor, associated or related to anyone associated with a real-estate company.


4. Are you a land owner looking for it to be developed? 


I have lived in the same home in Heath 22 years this month. I own 2 other lots next to each other on the same block that I plan to build my retirement home on.


5. How long have you lived in Heath? 


22 years. I have 4 generations living in Heath from my Dad to Grand-babies. 


6. What is your current employment? 


I have worked in Greenville Tx at L3 since 1990 (E-Systems back then). My plan is to retire from there within the next 10 years, I hope they agree!


7. Your tag line is a good one, but it does not tell me what your motives are for becoming a council member in Heath. Can you share your vision for Heath? 


Having not just a great last but first name, great tag lines like "#Keep Heath Rich" and "Don't go for broke this election  go for Rich" come pretty easy.


My vision for Heath is the vision that has been in existence since I move here in 1995, when there were only ~2000 other Heathins. It is the open county feel of a "Premier Lakeside Community". I drive the grandkids in my golfcart to visit and feed horses, goats, lamas and longhorns. That's why there's No Place Like Heath! With an average $500k  of new home value, some 6000 others were also made this promise. That promise needs to be kept despite another 2600 lots currently in development.

As mentioned before, I have 4 generations invested and plan to be here for life. 


Low density and representing the Citizens of Heath First has always been my belief. 

This is not a change of heart ❤️ for me. My documented voting record proves it and can be found below